Urgent Appeal!
increasing pressure on families of activists and political prisoners Kurds in Iran

These days, the Islamic Republic of Iran has increased the pressure and harassment on the families of Kurdish activists and political prisoners in Iran.
According to an statement of the family of Mr. Anwar Hossain Panahi, a Kurdish prisoner in Iran, the intelligence service of the Islamic Republic and the Revolutionary Guards (Sepah Pasdaran), continuously harass this family. According the press release, the family of Panahi suffered pressure so that she left their hometown (Ghorveh located in the region of Kurdistan of Iran) and go towards other regions in Iran. At these days, some members of this family are still in prison. Anwar Hussein Panahi a member of this family, was sentenced to death by the revolutionary tribunal for Moharebeh (war against God), for its links with an illegal Kurdish organization, in July 2008. Currently, he is imprisoned in the central prison of Sanandaj.

By this statement, the Zagros Center for the Human rights, calls on all organizations of human rights, the United Nations, the governments, the Union European and all the defendants of human rights, to put pressure on the Iranian Government so that it stops these repressive and inhuman practices against the families of civil and political activists in Iran.

29 Jan 2013

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