Statement on the occasion of May 19, the third year of the execution of five Kurdish activists in Iran

اعدامیان 19 اردیبهشت 1389

Sunday of May 9th 2010, five Kurdish political activists in Iran have been executed by the Islamic authorities.
The name of these hero are as follow:
1 - Shirin Alamholi
2 - Farzad Kamangar
3 - Farhad Vakili
4 - Ali Haydarian
5 - Mehdi Islamian

They were blamed to be member of the Kurdish political parties and sentenced to death without access to fair trial. These detainees for months and even years were tortured in prisons in Iran, despite calls from international organizations and governments, Islamic authorities them executed.

So far, the bodies of these people have not been returned to their families and Burial of them is always kept secret. The Parents and the relatives since 3 years they do not know, where these 5 People have been buried.
These people are not the first or last activists who were executed for years. Each year, many socio-political activists, defenders of human rights, women's activities, journalists and writers are arrested and some sentenced to death.
While recalling the executions, we call the Iranian government to:
1 - End the arrest and torture of Kurdish activists in Iran
2 - Put an end to the death penalty,
3 - Allowing prisoners and detainees have legal representation during their trial
4 - Release those convicted have different thoughts.

09 May 2013

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