Who are we?

Zagros Human Rights Center is a non-profit association, incorporated under Articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code; its headquarters are in Geneva.

 It is composed of activists and members (individual and collective ), academics , researchers and practitioners in human rights .

The vision of Zagros Center is a world where all human beings are entitled to all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international instruments.

The association has the following aims :
• to promote human rights ;
• to promote social development ;
• to promote gender equality ;
• to promote the rights of children;
• to promote the rights of indigenous peoples , ethnic minorities and national minorities • fight for the abolition of capital punishment ;
• to promote the protection of nature and the environment;

Objectives (promotion of human rights) ;

- Organize meetings and seminars to promote the issue of human rights;

- Organize meetings on topics related to human rights , often in collaboration with other organizations .
- Participate in campaigns of support to victims of violations of human rights ,
- The promotion of education in human rights and research on issues relating to human rights ,
- Information sharing and collaboration with various groups interested in human rights .

Our team

The central panel Zagros is democratically elected by the General Assembly , which is held annually . She is still active in areas related to Human Rights . Several sub- committees composed entirely of volunteer activists .

Central Zagros receives no subsidy. It depends on contributions and donations from its members , and volunteer commitment to drive these actions. The committee members are:

 - The President, Mr. Mohammad Azad Salawati     Mohammad Azad Salawati
- The vice-presidents : Mr. Baban Eliassi  Baban Eliassi
&  Mrs. Samira Mohamad  Samira Mohamad
- The Secretary, Mrs. Layla Mohamad Layla Mohamad
- The Treasurer, Mr. Hamed Kalami    Hamed Kalami
- The representative of the country -
   Iraq, M. Najmaldin Hama Saeed H.Ameen
- The representative of the country -
   Iran, M. Ayub Eliassi

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