Press release on protests in Iran


Mass protests against price liberalization and the government’s indifference to the living conditions of the country’s people, which began in recent days in several cities of Khuzestan province, have spread to several other Iranian provinces. Demonstrators are protesting against rising food prices and demanding the resignation of Iran’s religious leader and president.

This is not the first time that protesters have taken to the streets and staged peaceful demonstrations against the government. But the authorities’ response has been to suppress the demonstrations, arrest, torture, kill and imprison the protesters.

There is no doubt that the Iranian government is doing everything possible to suppress the protests, and according to its usual behavior, it will arrest and torture a significant number of protesters. In circumstances where Iranians are once again taking to the streets to demand their rights, the international community must support them and not allow the Iranian authorities to repress peaceful demonstrations by protesters.

As always, the Iranian government has cut internet connections in many cities, making it difficult to communicate with the outside world and send information, photos and videos.

Zagros Human rights center warns of the possibility of a ruthless repression of peaceful demonstrations and the arrest and disappearance of people participating in the demonstrations.

May 16, 2022

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