Right to self determination of Nations and Minorities

Side Event :
09 March 2022
Right to Self-determination of Nations and Minorities

United Nations Human Rights Council
49th Regular Session of The Human Rights Council
28 February 2022 – 01 April 2022

Tamil Eelam – 20:30 PM
Europe – 16:00 AM
UK – 15:00 PM
Canada – 10:00 AM ( Eastern Time )

keynote Speaker :
Dr Fernand de Varennes RP
Doyen, United Nations Special Rapporteur on minority issues

Speakers :
Dr.Baban Eliassi
Activist Kurde & Vice-président,centre Zagros pour les droits de l’homme

Dr.Paul Newman
Human Rights professor at University of Bangalore, India

Mr.Jojo Anang
Southern Cameroon,Human Rights Activist in Exile

Mr.Mohammad Rahmanifar
Arc Association for the defence of Human Rights of the Azerbaijani in Iran – ArcHR

Mr.Nji Asanji Ban
Southern Cameroon,Human Rights Activist Exile

Ms.Sharaha Raj
Tamil Eelam,Human Rights Activist in Exile

Prof.Fr.KulandaiSamy Arokiyasamy
Medras University,Tamilnaadu

Association Bharati CCFT
Partnership with :
Centre Zagros Pour Les Droits de L’homme
Global Tamil Movement