Who are we?

Zagros Human Rights Center is a non-profit organization within the meaning of Articles 60 et seq. Of the Swiss Civil Code, with headquarters in Geneva. It is composed of activists and members (individual and collective), academics, researchers and human rights practitioners.
Zagros Human Rights Center has a consultative status with ECOSOC.
The vision of the Zagros Center is that of a world in which all human beings can enjoy all the rights set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international texts.
The association pursues the following goals:
• promote human rights;
• promote social development;
• promote gender equality;
• promote the rights of children;
• promote the rights of indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities and national minorities;
• fight for the abolition of the death penalty;
• promote the protection of nature and the environment;
Objectives (promotion of human rights:
– Organize meetings and seminars to promote the issue of human rights,
– Organize meetings on human rights topics, often in collaboration with other organizations.
– Participate in campaigns to support victims of human rights violations,
– the promotion of rights education and research on human rights issues,
– Sharing of information and collaboration with different groups interested in human rights.
Our team
The Zagros Center Committee is democratically elected by the General Assembly, which is held annually. She is still active in areas related to human rights. Several subcommittees, composed exclusively of volunteer activists.
The Zagros Center does not receive any subsidies. It depends on the contributions and donations of its members, and on their voluntary commitment to carry out their actions.
The members of the committee are:

– President

Mr. Mohammad Azad Salawati    

– Administrative director

Mrs. Layla Mohamad

– Treasurer

Mrs. Rozhan BOKANI 

– The representative for the country – Iraq

Mrs. Heman Ramze MAHMOOD

– The representative for the country – Iran


– The representative for the country – Syria

Mrs. Samira MOHAMAD